Among Us Mod Policy

We love the creative mods people have made for Among Us. Thank you! It’s been great to see the community so passionate about our game and expand on its features, and we want to encourage that.

However, there are certain considerations we need you to keep in mind! Here’s a comprehensive policy for use of Among Us characters, names, sayings, scenes, stories, logos, or artwork (collectively known as “Among Us IP”). Failure to adhere to this policy or our Terms of Use could result in consequences listed at the bottom for you and your work.

Our GoalMod creators are doing work, and we want them to be able to get paid, BUT we always want to keep gameplay features freely available. If there is a direct link between money and access to a mod, this tends to be distasteful to players, and we would expect either (a) complaints to you or Innersloth, or (b) requests to another group to recreate the features for a lower price.

Defined Terms:

  • Gameplay: Anything that affects the actual game feel. For example, maps, roles, lobby size, or voice chat.
  • Cosmetics: Anything that is PURELY visual. For example, hats, skins, pets, colors, or display names.

Contact Us: Due to the nature of our work as a studio and having to meet various partner needs, we often have to take more time to work on features. If you have an interesting thing you’d like to do, you can reach out to us! We might be doing the same thing and be able to help you out.

Please review this entirely!

What must be in the mod?

Here are some things you must include in your mod:

1. Display the below stamp during all parts of gameplay with your mod. While you may show the stamp in-game any way you wish, Among Us versions released after May 2021 will include an easy method of automatically showing the stamp where required. A ModManager singleton is included during the SplashScreen, simply ensure ModManager.Instance.ShowModStamp() is called after Awake and the singleton will show the required stamp in the upper right.

2. We do permit use of the Among Us IP in connection with mods so long as the following disclaimer is provided on the mod’s webpage or GitHub:

This mod is not affiliated with Among Us or Innersloth LLC, and the content contained therein is not endorsed or otherwise sponsored by Innersloth LLC. Portions of the materials contained herein are property of Innersloth LLC. © Innersloth LLC.
What is not allowed?

We request that our fans abide by the following restrictions:

  1. Don’t use the Among Us IP in a way that is offensive, grotesque, racist, sexist, vulgar, disparaging, or defamatory.
  2. Don’t state or suggest that your mod is official, licensed, or otherwise authorized by Innersloth (you can use the disclaimers provided above in most situations).
  3. Don’t distribute a mod that is not your own, and don’t distribute or sell direct paid copies of the Among Us IP itself. This includes distributing a PC mod for free that includes a copy of the Among Us base game.
  4. Don’t use the mod to add advertisements or add monetization features within Among Us.
  5. Don’t create hacks for Among Us.
Examples – Permitted mods for Among Us

●     A free mod that does not include the Among Us base game, distributed on GitHub. The GitHub may include a donation button or link to a supporter subscription website (such as Patreon).

●     A commissioned mod that requires a custom third-party Among Us server and allows players to access cosmetic features.

●     A mod that is commissioned and funded by you and your friends for private use among those players only.

●     A mod that you have made yourself posted to a reputable distribution site (such as for a modest price.

Examples – Discouraged mods for Among Us

●     A mod that provides gameplay features, but requires a donation or active subscription to function.

o   This is technically permitted, but discouraged. It is our goal to provide all additional gameplay features in Among Us free of cost. Monetizing gameplay tends to create a lot of complaints to both modders and Innersloth.

●     A mod that you have commissioned and are now reselling to a larger audience without any further compensation to the original creator.

o   This is technically permitted, but highly discouraged. We reserve the right to take down any mod for any reason, including if we feel it contributes to an abusive agreement or unfair compensation.

Examples – Prohibited mods for Among Us

●     Integrating the Among Us IP into third-party games. This requires an IP license from Innersloth not covered under this policy.

●     Making, selling, distributing, or providing unauthorized clones or ports of Among Us in any capacity.

●     Distributing unauthorized Among Us mods without the appropriate disclaimer and in-mod stamp.

●     Using the Among Us IP to distribute malicious software or content.

While we try to be as exhaustive as possible, the above examples do not cover every permitted, discouraged, or prohibited scenario. If you’re still unclear about how you can use the Among Us IP or if you would like to request more information about licensing for any purpose, please contact [email protected].

Innersloth is not currently accepting licensing requests as it pertains to the distribution or creation of ports, mods, or sequels to Among Us.


This policy does not, in any way, constitute grant of any proprietary rights or licenses as it pertains to use of Among Us IP. Innersloth and its affiliates reserve the right to issue a formal takedown request for any content that infringes Innersloth’s intellectual property rights. Innersloth further reserves the right to stop or restrict your use of the Among Us IP at any time. Innersloth may modify this policy at any time without notice.


Here are some pretty specific questions we’ve been asked before that hopefully will provide further guidance to the above:

Q: “I’ve had a really awesome idea for a whole new map that I would like to add into the game via creating a mod. Can I do that?”

A: Awesome! A new map! That sounds really fun, and we’re so happy to see folks being inspired to create new content because of our game. A whole new map sounds like something that we might be working on in the background – we would ask that you please reach out to us at [email protected] to check in. If we’re working on something similar that will be coming out soon, we’d love to share that with you and then encourage you to try and stretch your creative muscles a little bit further to make something truly unique!

Q: “Alright, I’ve reached out to you and you’ve confirmed that you’re not working on anything even remotely similar to what I’m thinking of and I’m SO EXCITED to start working on it. However, I find the mod stamp really ugly, can I just… not enable that for this mod?”

A: No – we require the mod stamp to be enabled for all mods as a way for folks to be able to easily distinguish between a modded version of the game, and the official Innersloth version. We would also encourage you to add your own contact information into any modded version that you release so that people playing it (or watching others play it) can easily find more of your work and support you!

Q: “Speaking of support,  I’m realizing that mods take up a lot of my time and I would like to turn this into a financially sustainable situation. I’ve made a Patreon which offers all sorts of things to folks who want to support me. Since this new map I’m working on is so big, I’ve put access to that behind one of the tiers that folks can support at. Is that okay?”

A: Yes, that’s acceptable, although we encourage you to find cosmetic features to monetize instead of gameplay features. We want modders to be able to be compensated, but we cannot be held accountable for any bugs or complaints as a result of your mod or its monetization.

Q: “Okay, then I will make some awesome skins and put those behind various tiers of my Patreon in order to incentivize folks to support me.”

A: Great! That’s a wonderful way to encourage folks to financially support your mods.

Q: “I have a donate button on my webpage for folks to throw some money my way if they like my work. All of my mods are available for free. Is it okay to have a donate button on my page?”

A: Yes, absolutely! We definitely support donations to modders and their work if our other policy requirements are met. If you enjoy a mod someone has made, consider sending some support their way!

Q: “Someone saw my mods and reached out to me to commission an exclusive map just for them and their friends to play on, can I accept money to create a gameplay mod that will not be publicly available to others?”

A: Yes – accepting commissions to create any type of mod (gameplay or cosmetic) is acceptable! We would encourage you to negotiate and sign a contract with the person (or people) commissioning you to protect yourself in that new business relationship.

Q: “The person who commissioned me is violating a portion of our agreed upon contract, can you help me?”

A: No – any breach of contract between yourself and the people who hired you is solely between you and them, and we cannot step in unless they are violating our mod policy. Contract violations are a thing you will need to legally pursue on your own, as with any other business relationship.

Q: “I negotiated an agreement with someone who wanted to commission a gameplay mod from me, and part of our agreement is that they can resell my work, as long as they give me a portion of that profit. Is that okay?”

A: Yes – that is acceptable. We’re happy that you could reach a mutual benefit!

Q: “Someone commissioned me for a mod and is willing to pay extra for me to disable the mod stamp. It’s an exclusive mod just for them and their friends – is that okay?”

A: No – we require all modded versions of the game to enable the mod stamp.

Q: “I created a free mod that I think it really great, but someone has complained that it’s homophobic/sexist/racist/etc. I don’t think it is homophobic/sexist/racist/etc and my intent is just to have a little fun, so I’m going to keep distributing it. I’m not homophobic/sexist/racist/etc, the mod is freely available, and I have the mod stamp enabled. Is this okay?”

A: No – any mod that is found to be homophobic/sexist/racist/etc. is in violation of our mod policy and will be considered a prohibited mod.

Q: “Somone commissioned me to create a homophobic/sexist/racist/etc mod, but it is a private mod that only this person and their friends will play, is this okay?”

A: No – any mod that is found to be homophobic/sexist/racist/etc. is in violation of our mod policy and will be considered a prohibited mod.

Q: “My friends and I all pitched in funds to commission a modder to create a set of new crewmate roles for us to play together, is that okay?”

A: Yes! Totally fine for you to commission a modder to create exclusive gameplay content for your own personal enjoyment!

Q: “Wow, commissioning a mod is really expensive! It is okay for us to pool funds and commission a mod?”

A: Yes – This is on the good side of a grey area. We are generally fine with reselling commissioned mods (even of gameplay features) in order to share the costs that you originally put into the commissioned mod. We also ask that you work with the person you have commissioned as well as the other funders to create and sign an agreement of what is and isn’t acceptable in this business relationship.

Q: “Now that we’ve made our initial investment back, we all realized that the gameplay mod we commissioned has a very high demand, can we resell this mod to the public?”

A: Yes – but please consider as a studio, our philosophy has been to not put gameplay behind an additional paywall. We feel that everyone should be able to enjoy all parts of a game’s non-cosmetic features without adding an extra financial burden. If you still choose to resell the mod, please ensure the original creator is fairly compensated for their time and work.

Q: “Okay, so what if we now commission a modder to make some fancy new hats for us and we resell THOSE to make the money back that we’ve invested into commissioned mods?”

A: We highly encourage you to work with the modder that you commissioned to agree upon a fair financial agreement for all parties involved. Assuming that the modder you commissioned is fine with it, you may freely resell any mods in compliance with the spirit of our mod policy.

Q: “Great! So back to that original map mod that we commissioned – because it became so popular, we started streaming it, and lots of our followers would like to play on the map with us. Is it acceptable to require them to subscribe to us on Twitch first before they can play with us?”

A: Yes – but by forcing folks to contribute monetarily in order to access the gameplay mod, you are now putting a gameplay mod behind a paywall, which is something that we discourage.

Q: “Okay, but… what if a new friend wants to play on this map, and we ask them to contribute the same amount of money to us that me and my original group of friends pitched in to commission the mod in the first place?”

A: This starts entering the area of reselling a commissioned mod. As always, we want to keep gameplay mods available to everyone without an additional financial burden, so once the gameplay mod begins to enter a more public space, we ask that you no longer charge for this mod.

Q: “Alright, so what if we simply require folks follow us on Twitch first before they can play with us?”

A: Requiring a follow on Twitch (or any other platform that doesn’t require a monetary transaction to access the gameplay mod) would be considered acceptable, but we would also encourage you to let folks ultimately access any gameplay mods freely.

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