Spilling the Beans β€” Among Us VR is Coming to PlayStation VR2! πŸŽ‰

Spilling the Beans β€” Among Us VR is Coming to PlayStation VR2! πŸŽ‰

✨ This is it, Beans! ✨ 

We are so excited to finally be able to spill the beans and share the newssssss. 

The moment so many of you have been waiting for β€” murder, sabotage, and ejections are all officially coming to PlayStation VR2! πŸŽ‰πŸ€©πŸ˜­

Among Us VR 🚨 PlayStation VR2 Teaser Trailer

Now, we can’t share everything just yet… but here’s what we CAN reveal:

Same Play, Different Station (errr… Headset!)

We’re bringing the same Among Us VR game you’ve come to love to a completely new headset and player base. 

From the variety of tasks to complete across two maps, proximity voice chat, accessibility and comfort settings, safety and in-game moderation tools, and not to mention custom lobby settings… everything is here! On top of that, our PlayStation VR2 players will be set to lobby up right alongside the current player base with complete crossplay functionality!

All Hats and Maps from the Beginning!

PlayStation VR2 players will be able to suit up with a complete wardrobe right alongside the Crewmates already playing, and they will also have access to both Skeld II and Polus Point maps! 

On top of this, DLC Hat Packs will be available for even MORE customization options to keep your bean looking fierce β€” more details to come on this soon!

The Best Time to Join is NOAAW!

While we can’t reveal the release date just yet β€” I know, sorry about that β€” you CAN (and SHOULD 😀) add Among Us VR  to your wishlist on the PlayStation store TODAY! 

Finally, be sure to join us for our upcoming Discord-exclusive October AMA (date to be announced)! Have a question for our developers? Want to learn more about the making of the 3D beans? Want to know what a Fidget Feature is? Dying to ask what hat is our favorite? Good 😠. Join the Discord, save the date (…when we do share it πŸ‘€), and join us!

Stay suspicious, Crewmates!

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